Sisterhood is a creative design programme which helps and teaches young girls the importance of empowerment, building confidence and self-esteem. They had workshops over the course of five months and I helped to capture these creative sessions. 

These are three videos that I have created and edited for their website/social media platforms.

Filmed and edited by Shweta Shukla.


Spin Through Time is an interactive documentary created on Klynt which explored the 80s and 90s. The documentary looks back at iconic films, television shows, music and fashion styles. However, to make this documentary more creative, I created two music videos with my project partner. These music videos featured a popular son from each era and explored the visual aesthetics of that time. 

To watch the whole interactive documentary please click here.

Directed, produced, filmed and edited by Shweta Shukla and Aneesa Beg


For my second year social media project, I created a digital festival about International Women's Day. The festival lasted seven days and each day had explored different areas - films, books, interviews. The last day had featured this short film that I made for the Women's March which takes place in central London every year. 

To view my whole digital festival, view the links below:

Directed, produced, filmed and edited by Shweta Shukla.


For my interactive storytelling project, I created a 360 film with other film students. This is a virtual reality murder mystery film which allows the audience to have an immersive experience with the narrative and characters in the film. 

NOTE: This film is best viewed with a Virtual Reality headset,


This is promotional work I did for a start up watch company - William and Cooper. I was given photography and videography tasks. Here are three short films I made featuring the watch. 

Directed, produced, filmed and edited by Shweta Shukla.


This is a short thriller film made for the RHUL Film Society competition. The film had to include certain objects, lines in the script and had to be made within two days. This is what we had created for the competition. 


For my A Level final Media Studies project, I created a short teaser trailer with a group of students. 

Twisted is a thriller film about the disappearance of a young girl after she joins a dating app.